Web Application Development

Cutting Edge

The web applications of today can be as powerful as almost any desktop application and we routinely exceed our client's demands for web applications that work smoother, faster, and better than their desktop alternatives. We provide customized applications for our clients by introducing ourselves to the needs of your business first, then forming a development plan, and finally delivering a quality assured product along with additional support and training. Our applications are designed to solve problems, provide a competitive advantage, and give our clients the capabilities they need to succeed.

We use the latest technologies like PHP, Java, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3 to deliver applications that will keep your business ahead of the curve.

Tailored for Your Business

We understand that nobody knows your business better than you do and that's why our team is eager to discuss how our work will fit into your plan for growth. Team with us as we bring the latest technologies, techniques, and strategies to the table to help your business achieve success in a world where technology is constantly evolving.

Stress Tested

Our applications are thoroughly tested through several techniques, including group-testing, load and balance testing, and cross-browser/operating system testing. Our experts ensure that the application will meet growth needs as your business grows. We also take care of users with disabilities by following the strict guidelines laid out by the Workforce Rehabilitation Act (508 Compliance) as well as the World Wide Web Consortium (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

Our engineers are experts at bringing individual components together to create a unified, reliable, integrated system of software and people. We use a continuous integration approach, where integration is done in sub-systems over several iterations. Customers have the advantage of being able to witness the product come to life and test each sub-system on each iteration.

Our Experience

Our team has a wide range of experience integrating all types of systems for our clients. Our range of experience includes:

  • Enterprise software
  • Information architecture
  • Server infrastructure
  • Networking and protocol
  • Security and disaster recovery services

Single Sign-on

We specialize in bringing systems together to work in harmony and securely reducing the burden on users to manage multiple authentications combinations.