Quality Assurance

Benten Technologies makes it easy for you to verify the quality of your software by offering different levels of service for verifying and validating the software program. Such testing can benefit you when your system undergoes changes, such as an upgrade to the operating system or the installation of different functionalities.

You can use our automated testing service to execute verification tests, perform comparisons against certified outputs, and produce a computer-generated summary file quickly and easily, providing confidence that system changes have not adversely affected your software results.

Your organization benefits even more if it is considering ISO 9001 certification. Implementing Benten Technologies’s Quality Assurance testing services brings you one step closer to achieving certification, providing proof that your software program is functioning properly. Our quality assurance services include:

  • Total Quality Assurance - as an integrated, systematic approach to ensuring that customers and suppliers alike have an effective and reliable quality system in place.
  • Surveillance / Monitoring - from periodic assessment to full analysis of entire business stream and process – from start to finish.
  • Benchmark Testing - on how your product performs against your competition in a number of areas such as functionality, durability, quality, etc.
  • Inspection - at all levels of the software code to processes.
  • Audits - of processes, systems, and/ or facilities to ensure operations are adhering to intended designs, quality specifications, and best practices consistently and continually.

Unbiased IV&V

Benten Technologies’s Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) methodology has a single goal: to provide an objective, unbiased assessment of work products and processes throughout the software life cycle. Our unbiased IV&V methodology is consistent with the latest systems engineering and process improvement models, and is derived from concepts and standards such as the IEEE Std 1012 - 2004 Standard for Software Verification and Validation, and the process maturity framework developed by the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute's Software Capability Maturity Model Integration (SEI CMMI®). Our IV&V services can be performed in parallel with the software development effort. Benefits of our IV&V services include:

  • Improved management visibility into process and product risk.
  • Early detection and correction of software anomalies.
  • Early detection and correction of software quality problems.
  • Life cycle process support – to ensure conformance to program performance, schedule, and budget.
  • Early assessment of software and system performance.
  • Objective analysis of conformance to required development processes.
  • Improved software development and maintenance processes.
  • Process improvement support.