Depression, anxiety, and stress loom large over college campuses, with dire consequences like unintentional injuries and suicide.

Yet, students are left waiting for help, often for up to a month, as the demand for mental health services outstrips provider availability. Stigma, low acceptance of traditional care, and insurance gaps further hinder students from accessing vital help.

Enter C-STRESS, a groundbreaking digital intervention born from formative research with college students battling depression. C-STRESS offers access to Cognitively-Based Compassion Training (CBCT), reimagining the traditional face-to-face format into engaging microlearning experiences with personalization options.

But that’s not all. C-STRESS boasts an audiovisual library, journaling, virtual drop-ins with CBCT instructors, mood tracking, and a crisis helpline, all designed to empower students on their mental health journeys.

With C-STRESS, we’re reshaping the landscape of college mental health, ensuring students have the support they need to thrive.


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