In NICUs, where infant hospitalization is a challenging journey, up to 70% of parents grapple with overwhelming depression, anxiety, and trauma.

These struggles can ripple into parent-infant interactions and infant development. Early identification and support for at-risk parents are critical but often lacking due to limited resources in NICUs.

EmBRACE, a mHealth app:

  • Universal Mental Health Screening: EmBRACE ensures no parent’s distress goes unnoticed.
  • Ongoing Symptom Monitoring: It provides continuous support, keeping a vigilant eye on mental health symptoms.
  • Stepped Care Approach Referrals: When needed, EmBRACE connects parents to the right resources, following a stepped care approach.

The result? EmBRACE bridges gaps in mental health care, supporting overburdened NICU professionals and optimizing parental well-being and infant outcomes


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