Persistent health disparities have led to increased rates of dementia, hypertension, and diabetes among older minority populations, including African American/Black adults over 60.

Without proper screening, referrals, and access to healthcare services and clinical trials, many in this community miss out on vital healthcare.

eREACH is a mobile app designed to empower Community Health Workers (CHWs) and transform healthcare access:

  • Microlearning Education: Empowering community members with bite-sized health education.
  • Virtual Agent “Reggie”: A digital ally assisting CHWs in connecting with community members and local services.
  • Text Messaging Reminders: Ensuring that appointments are not missed.

eREACH streamlines CHW workflows, enhances communication, and delivers crucial health information, revolutionizing healthcare accessibility for Black older adults. With eREACH, we’re committed to building a healthier and more equitable future.


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