patient being examined by a doctor


Pain, an epidemic affecting 17.6% of US adults, carries a staggering $200 billion annual price tag for pain management.

Yet, accurate and timely pain assessment remains a critical but challenging first step. The reliance on self-reports is marred by reporting bias and memory variation, leading to suboptimal pain management and over-prescription of opioids, fueling addiction and overdose crisis.

IMPACT is a mobile app designed for healthcare professionals, including nurses, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, and clinicians, alongside patients themselves. IMPACT leverages facial expression analysis and computer vision to capture objective pain indicators, like pupillary dilation and unrest, even in ambient light.

With IMPACT, we’re transforming pain assessment, providing a more holistic, reliable understanding of a patient’s pain experience. It’s a pivotal step toward safer, more effective pain management and curbing the opioid crisis.


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