Failing to initiate and sustain breastfeeding for the recommended 6-month duration can lead to enduring health challenges for both mothers and infants.

Low breastfeeding rates among African Americans/Blacks (AA/B) result in serious health challenges for mothers and infants. AA/B infants face high mortality rates and risks like asthma and SIDS, while mothers contend with chronic illnesses. Benten offers KULEA-NET, an app addressing these complex barriers, providing evidence-based breastfeeding support.

KULEA-NET empowers AA/B mothers by:

  • Comprehensive Support: Addressing multifaceted breastfeeding barriers across socio-ecological layers.
  • Boosting Knowledge and Self-Efficacy: Providing the tools and information needed to enhance breastfeeding confidence and intention.
  • Improving Health Outcomes: Aiming to increase breastfeeding initiation, duration, and EBF rates at 6 months, thereby promoting better maternal and infant health.

With KULEA-NET, we’re on a mission to transform the breastfeeding landscape for AA/B mothers, fostering healthier futures for both generations.


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