In the battle against childhood obesity, the statistics are concerning, especially among African American (AA) children, where obesity rates are soaring.

Shockingly, one in four AA girls is obese, surpassing the rates among girls of other ethnicities and even AA boys.

Childhood obesity isn’t just a phase; it’s a gateway to lifelong health challenges. Research shows that obesity can take root as early as age 6, making early childhood a pivotal time for shaping taste preferences and healthy habits.

 Mini-ME is a program designed to empower AA girls aged 4-8 with the tools for a healthier tomorrow. Through engaging, fun methods like smart dolls and animated video series, Mini-ME introduces observational learning and effective role modeling. It’s all about helping these young queens adopt healthy eating and active living (HEAL) practices.

Obesity may be a daunting problem, but Mini-ME is here to reshape the narrative and pave the way for healthier, happier lives.


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