Oral cancer (OC) casts a dark shadow over public health in India, with a staggering 267 million people using tobacco, and a whopping 199 million relying on smokeless tobacco (SLT).

In 2018, India accounted for one-third of global OC cases and deaths, with 119,992 new cases and 72,616 lives lost.

The key to preventing and controlling this devastating disease lies in early detection through increased oral cancer screening. However, numerous barriers stand in the way: the stigma associated with cancer, limited time, access, workforce, and screening opportunities.

Enter OC-DETECT, a pioneering mobile app designed for individuals at risk of oral cancer, their families, healthcare providers, and community health workers. It’s a low-cost solution focused on education and empowering family educators with the skills to conduct home-based screenings for early OC detection.

With OC-DETECT, we’re lighting the path to a brighter, healthier India, where oral cancer is no longer a silent threat.


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