In 2016, a staggering 89 million women of childbearing age admitted to past illicit drug or alcohol use.

For mothers recovering from substance use disorder (SUD), the traditional support networks often falter, leaving them lacking crucial coping skills.

SAFE4BOTH is an innovative mobile health (mHealth) platform that bridges the gap. By connecting mothers with their case managers through mobile devices, we supercharge case management, ensuring timely and appropriate referrals.

SAFE4BOTH offers a lifeline for postpartum mothers with SUD and their substance-exposed infants, featuring:

  • Integrated Case Management: A cloud-based system for seamless coordination among service agencies, healthcare providers, and infant caretakers.
  • Contingency Management: A reward mechanism to motivate progress.
  • Patient Engagement: Encouraging active participation in the journey to health.

Our goal is simple: to improve the health of both infants and mothers. With SAFE4BOTH, we’re pioneering a brighter future for families nationwide.


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